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The Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time

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This business seems familiar in some important ways. Featured in an article in today’s New York Times, AppNexus provides a platform to allow companies to bid on webpage ad space in real time based on the available details of the web page visitor. The platform is analytics driven and allows ad sellers to set up rules to make sure the bidding and sale of highly targeted ads can occur in less than a quarter of a second. AppNexus is the company that Ebay has been using to bid on and buy ad space for over a year. This type of business is built on the same principal as Lead Management Software: Leveraging technology to reach a specific buyer at a specific moment with a targeted message. Consumers are inundated with advertising messages. Even without a saturated ad space, the human attention span is a finite quantity. A buyer is focused on a specific desire until another one takes its place. On top of that, overexposure and ad fatigue have presided over a further shortening of the attention span and a fiercer competition to reach the ever fickler buyer.

Ads convert at a higher rate when they are target at people who want to buy what’s being advertised. A more obvious tenet of marketing would be hard to come by. But what is becoming increasingly clear are the benefits of reaching a customer at the right moment. An individual is susceptible to persuasion when he is in a state of desiring a particular product. Companies are paying more to place ads by this method because they lead to more sales.

Lead Management Software operates the same way. The quickest way to reach the hottest lead is using an LMS that is integrated with online lead providers and has real time lead distribution that can be configured to route leads to agents based on rules.

Getting the right message to the right guy at the right time is getting easier for people who are prepared to integrate new technologies in their business.

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  1. Great article. The recent Aberdeen report Sales Intelligence: Preparing for Smarter Selling shows that companies integrating sales technologies are seeing 26% more sales reps hit yearly quotas compared to those lagging in the field.

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