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3 Tips to Spring into the New Sales Season with a Fresh Perspective

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March 20, 2021 – It’s the first day of spring, so what better way to start the new season of sales than with a fresh eye toward supporting your marketing team’s efforts to help you create more leads that convert. When sales and marketing work together, they are far more effective in tracking and measuring what works. Here are three tips to spring your sales team into action this season.

#1 — Ongoing two-way dialogue between sales and marketing: You have your campaign ID’s and phone numbers set up in the system. Push reports going to the marketing team like clockwork, and marketing is tracking campaign effectiveness in generating qualified leads and increasing/decreasing spend accordingly.

So what’s missing? A conversation, the sales manager and marketing manager should be sitting down weekly to discuss the lead flow, lead quality and campaign effectiveness.   By analyzing lead flow from both the sales manager and marketing manager’s perspective much can be gained in tuning both processes on the sales side and targeted campaign efforts on the marketing side. Rather than just decreasing spend of campaigns that have been less effective, maybe it is about retargeting, trying a different tactic that might not be clear without an ongoing two way dialogue.

#2 — Refresh your definition of the ideal customer persona:  it’s been several months since your marketing team’s big branding / messaging refresh project. It was great, they interviewed a handful of sales associates to understand common buyers’ traits, but since then your companies introduced a few new products and services and your buyer persona has changed slightly.

The sales team holds some valuable cards, they talk to prospects day in and day out and have a strong pulse on the needs and wants of customers. Consider prompting your marketing team to conduct a regular sales check-in to discuss changing customer personas and targeted marketing efforts.

#3 — Monitor lead qualification and conversion rates closely: if all is going well with #1 and #2 and marketing is doing its job in sending qualified leads but you’re still not seeing an increase in conversion rates, it’s time to drill into the data. If qualified leads aren’t converting there is usually one of three things amiss (1) you’re products or services are competitive on price or quality (2) your sales associates need training and/or (3) your sales processes need tweaking. Good reporting and analytics are critical to track sales effectiveness, and it all starts with a good sales automation solution that tracks leads from click to close.

Happy spring cleaning! To learn more about Leads360′s sales automation platform, visit www.leads360.com

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