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Your Leads Are Trying To Tell You Something

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Your leads are trying to tell you something. They are holding onto a wealth of information. In fact, your leads have information that is critical to the health of your business. There may be no source of information more directly tied to the effectiveness of your company’s sales efforts than all the information that your leads are holding. It’s a gold mine.

Here are just a few of the things that your leads know:

  • Your leads know where they came from, i.e., how they came to be considered a prospect by your company.
  • They know if they are a good fit for the product or service you are selling.
  • Your leads know how quickly they were called.
  • Your leads know how many times they were called.
  • Your leads know how quickly and how many times they were emailed, and they know exactly what each email said.

This is only a sample of the information your leads accumulate from the moment they hear the name of your company to the moment they either close or are pronounced dead. Your leads know this and much more; but to sum it up: Your leads know how diligently your salespeople tried to engage them.

Wouldn’t it be great to have access all that information? Imagine how much easier it would be to manage your sales team, allocate leads, adjust your marketing strategy, etc., if you knew what the leads know. For users of lead management software, gaining access to this information requires no further effort or expense. Information about the way that every lead, from every source, has been worked by every sales agent who touched it is all a click away.

Wherever each individual lead has ended up, there are steps that have been taken to get it there. Leads that have closed and leads that have been wasted have one thing in common: They leave behind a trail of bread crumbs showing how they were worked. Are you looking at the trail? Can you afford not to?

Before it was this easy to accumulate and analyze data on sales process, it made sense to manage a sales team with an eye only on the bottom line. As long as they hit quota, their sales process is their own. But now? With robust, affordable lead management solutions available? Why not leverage what has been proven to work?

It seems obvious that it is valuable to know which behaviors bring a lead closer to becoming a deal. But what isn’t always considered is that each lead does in fact leave a trail as it makes its way through the sales cycle. With lead management software, it’s possible to see the trial that leads are on and correct the course as necessary.

The trail of breadcrumbs is there. The only question is; are you looking at it?

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