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What Makes Dial-IQ So Intelligent?

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Leads360 has just released Dial-IQ, the Intelligent Dialer Suite. Dialers are not new, and Dial-IQ contains some features and functions that are similar to existing dialer options. The reason why Dial-IQ is called the Intelligent Dialer Suite is mostly because it is integrated with the industry leading lead management solution, Leads360. Dial-IQ leverages all of Leads360’s distribution, follow-up, and reporting capabilities to work with the new dialer functionality. Leads360 is built on best practices developed from ongoing research and analysis of over 20 million leads. Leveraging this research and best practices, Dial-IQ is inherently smart, even if it only contained features familiar to other dialer products, but in fact, Dial-IQ has a couple of brand new features that make it the fastest way to get in touch with new leads. The benefits of having a dialer built within an intelligent lead management platform are many. This article is one of many that will delve into the challenges faced by sales reps and managers and how they are solved by Dial-IQ.

Dial-IQ is a dialer solution that offers many features. Some of the features are twists on existing dialer functionalities such as progressive dialing. But one feature that Dial-IQ has that is new is called Shotgun Connect. It takes it’s name from the practice of ‘calling shotgun’ when to claim the front seat of a car. And makes contacting new leads quicker than ever. The way it works is when a new lead enters the system that is eligible to be distributed by the Shotgun Connect method, all eligible users are notified in real time. The first one to either pick up the phone, or click an on-screen alert will claim the lead, and be connected by Dial-IQ. This approach leverages the competitive dynamic on your sales team to quickly distribute new leads and connect them to sales reps.

Control Connect is a method of distributing leads to sales reps that leverages the Leads360 distribution engine. Use reports to see which of your reps are skilled at closing certain types of leads, and use control connect to rep to lead. Call reports complete the picture of how quickly and how regularly leads are being called by members of your sales team. This feature gives you control of how leads move onto your sales floor and visibility into how well they are being worked. Having every Dial-IQ call recorded gives you unprecedented visibility into how your reps are working the phones.

The two features described above are only two of many more features available as part of the Dial-IQ suite. These two features, as well as Demand Connect comprise the IntelliConnect feature set. IntelliConnect features are designed to improve results when calling individual leads, as opposed to lists of leads. That’s why the IntelliConnect feature set is referred to as “The Intelligent Lead Dialer.” Another feature set, PowerPlus, is designed to optimize calling list of leads.

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