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What Else Makes Dial-IQ So Intelligent?

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An earlier post this week began explaining why the new Leads360 dialer product earned the name Dial-IQ, the Intelligent Dialer Suite. The short answer is that Dial-IQ leverages all of the research and established best practices around which Leads360 is designed. This is perhaps nowhere more evident in the feature called IntelliDial. IntelliDial is part of the PowerPlus feature set. PowerPlus is the list dialer, meaning it is designed to optimize results when calling lists of leads, as opposed to individual leads. IntelliDial calls a list of leads that are queued up by the Lead Prioritization feature. To really fully appreciate how IntelliDial can improve close rates, it is necessary to review first what Lead Prioritization does.  Lead Prioritization is a feature that leverages all of our research based on the ongoing analysis of over 20 million leads.

Our findings have been that speed is the single most crucial component to closing a deal. Being the first one to get a lead on the phone is the difference between the deal closing and disappearing. With that in mind, any lead that is new to the system will be thrust to the top of your prioritized queue. You may have 500 leads in various stages of the sales cycle assigned to you, but when a new lead enters the system, it is the single most important lead you have. That’s why it’s at the top of your queue. Leads360 research has also found that a six call strategy is the most effective for reaching leads the first time. There is an optimal call response strategy that is built into the Lead Prioritization feature so that leads receive contact attempts at prescribed intervals after entering the system.

IntelliDial places helps you quickly place calls to your leads in order of their priority. When users create a prioritized call queue, it is re-prioritized in real time. So when a new lead comes in, it lands at the top of the queue. When a lead receives a call attempt, it drops off of the call queue until it is due another call attempt as determined by the prioritization rules. IntelliDial can be summed up like this: It quickly places calls to your leads in order of their importance. Nearly every aspect of Leads360 is fully configurable, so it is possible to sort and filter your leads to find opportunities based on whatever information or hunch you have. But for when you want a plug and play solution that will have your users connecting quickly to the ripest opportunities, you have IntelliDial.

And Dial-IQ has a feature for when you do want to take control of the group leads you are working at a given moment. It is called Speed Dial. If you wanted to target all your leads that had a certain common characteristic, you would use Speed Dial. Let’s say there has been a regulatory change in a certain state that may incentivize leads in that state to buy what you sell. You can filter and sort your leads to return only the desired leads. Then create a call queue that will enable you to call through them quickly and accurately.

IntelliDial and Speed Dial are two features that are part of Dial-IQ, the Intelligent Dialer Suite. Dialer’s are quick. That’s the main reason why they give so much value to companies that use them. But being quick and smart is a challenge that can only be met by a dialer that is fully integrated with a lead management solution that is built around proven best practices. Dial-IQ is such a dialer.

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