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The Value of Lead Prioritization

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All leads are not made the same.  Anyone working in sales knows that the value of each individual lead can vary wildly depending on a number of different factors from the time of day to dozens of different pieces of demographic data.  In the past, sales managers have been forced to effectively throw darts at a map in trying to get their sales staff to call the leads with the best chance of conversion.  Fortunately, Leads360 has developed a new Lead Prioritization Engine that has the solution to this unfortunately random process.  With the data driven automization of your sales process, Leads360 can help your sales team operate at peak efficiency, optimize lead prioritization, and maximize ROI.

Without a smart method of Lead Prioritization, it’s nearly impossible to get the best possible conversion rate on your leads.  Given that any sales team can only expect to make a limited number of calls in any given hour, day, or week,  it’s important that your sales people are contacting the leads with the highest chance of conversion before making more speculative calls to lower quality leads.  However, with the variety of different factors that contribute to quality lead prioritization it’s often times hard to really nail down an effective strategy for getting the ride leads to the right people at the right time.

Leads360’s revolutionary new Lead Prioritization Engine can be fine tuned by any sales team to find the algorithms that will correctly identify those leads that need to be contacted as soon as possible.  It will then automatically sort your call queue to reflect which leads are most likely to convert and ensure that those leads are getting moved to the front of the queue while simultaneously moving leads with a low chance to convert to the back of the line.  By doing this, your sales staff will always be making calls with the best chance of success.  Without this automation, you could easily be missing out on prime opportunities to convert because your sales team called other leads that should have been a low priority at that time.

But wait, there’s more.  The value of different leads will continually change over time and identifying the lead with the best chance of conversion requires constant and fluid reassessment.  When operating at the speed of business, making the right call at the right time is essential and knowing when a lead is in its ideal follow period is crucial.  Leads360’s new Lead Prioritization Engine is designed to make up to the second changes, working fluidly to keep moving leads that are in prime shape to convert to the front of the queue and shifting lower value leads back so that they can be contacted at a later time when they have a better chance of converting.  This keeps your team working with data in real time and always making contact with the right leads at the right time.

Leads360 has broken new ground with this Lead Prioritization Engine and created an invaluable tool for any sales team.  It creates a system of flowing lead prioritization that will allow your sales team to make sure every call they make counts.  Less time is wasted, more leads are converted, and your business will thrive.  Maximum ROI is more than possible and Leads360’s Lead Prioritization Engine is the best way to get there.

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