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Take Lead Nurturing to the Next Level

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This is a guest post from marketing automation expert Jason Kort.

An important aspect of lead nurturing is marketing automation. Lead Management Systems offer basic automated communications but many companies should look to take their nurturing efforts to the next level.
Since not every lead closes on the first contact attempt, integrating a marketing automation platform, such as softvu SoftVu, into a company’s lead management approach can help clients nurture leads with relevant, timely, and engaging multimedia messages to help build competitive differentiation, brand awareness, business credibility, and product understanding.

These messages are all automatically “triggered” by a lead management system like Leads360, by certain actions taken by salespeople, or a time trigger (such as 10 days after product or service inquiry). Some clients set up a series of campaigns that cover up to 36 months of lead nurturing messages. These nurturing campaigns help produce more deals from your leads, significantly increasing ROI.

Keep your sales team focused on high probability leads.

The real value of automating these and other critically important but tedious sales tasks is that your sales people now spend their time working only high-probability, leads who are already open to a conversation or even ready to close.
With top of the line marketing automation you can produce more “hot leads” from your pool of old leads.. So, instead of just skimming the top of the pile, your sales team touches every prospect with regular, relevant communications, knows who to call when, and closes more sales.

How do they know who to call when?

SoftVu’s communications platform sends a view notification the instant your prospect views a message. SoftVu view notifications include details about the message and the viewer so you can respond immediately—a great strategy since your prospect is clearly interested, probably near a phone, and has time to talk. This notification will automatically notify a salesperson through their LMS and in Leads360’s case can even automatically dial the lead through the Leads360 LeadDialer.

And beyond real-time view notifications, the SoftVu system tracks your sends and views and writes all activity back to your LMS, providing clear information you can use to prioritize your calls.

Marketing automation and lead management, a powerful combination

Lead management keeps your salespeople organized and effective, while marketing automation helps reach those prospects that you just can’t get over the phone.
Together a lender can maximize their conversion rates.

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  1. Nice job Jason! I’ll vouch for the Softvu system, not sure how the photo ties into this however…- ?

  2. If I had to guess, I would think that since the Asimo is the coolest robot in the world and can carry out automated tasks, there would be some kind of correlation with the post. But that’s just a guess, I could be completely wrong. I’ll take an Asimo, though.

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