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Software as a Service is a Solution for Small Business Owners

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Here is a blog article that touches on some of the difficulties a small business owner faces when buying software. The man’s business is making conference tables. So admittedly, his business may not have much in common with the type of business that has the need for lead management software. But there is one area where his small business faces questions that are faced by any small business. That area is dealing with IT questions.

He points out that as a furniture maker, he bought tools 25 years ago that are still working, like his hammer. He anticipates that the hammer will work perfectly until the end of time. He has a hard time dealing with how quickly computers and software become obsolete. Moreover, he’s not quite sure what he needs to buy in terms of technology. This puts him in a position of possibly having to hire an IT consultant. But, rightly, he worries that the consultant may work on commissions and could introduce solutions that are not the perfect fit for his business, but cost a lot of money, and make him a lot of commission.

The solution to this problem is what Software as a Service is all about. I’ve posted recently about how the total cost of ownership of SaaS is lower than the cost of packaged software. And the situation that the above described small business owner finds himself in is a perfect example of why.

For example, Leads360 Software as a Service is software that runs in on any computer with an internet connection. There is never a need to upgrade the software, as it is continually being improved. You’ll never spend a dollar or another minute wondering, “Should I buy the new version of Leads360 or just make this outdated version work?” You’ll never need to buy servers to host software, because it’s hosted remotely. Leads360 software helps thousands of businesses manage upwards of 25 million leads. As such, it is an example of how Software as a Service companies are able to constantly upgrade their product in response to customer needs. Buying Leads360 Software as a Service is buying a solution that, like a hammer, will never be obsolete.

And perhaps best of all, you’ll never have to pay an IT consultant, take his recommendations and wonder if you were taken for a ride. All that is worth the price of admission, but Leads360 Software as a Service even goes one step further. The built in templates have pre-configured best practice workflows that are proven strategies for contacting more leads quickly and staying in contact to ultimately close more deals. These templates are the customizable, but having them as a starting place is equivalent to a hiring a business consultant with a proven track record to help set up your workflow.

Software as a Service delivers a much bigger package than packaged software.

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