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How to run a mortgage company in 2008

Friday, November 30th, 2007 | Link | Spread The Word!

I read a very interesting blog this morning over at the XBroker. Jeff over at the XBroker talks about some radical changes needed in this market to run a shop, keep your head above water, and most importantly gain consumers trust. No doubt, he will take flak from people who are stuck in the past, but still worth the read.

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  1. thanks for this - never heard of xbroker till now - good stuff

  2. No problem Owen. Since making this blog he has made a Part II which is equally as interesting.

  3. minikrediet afsluiten…

    Having a connection to boundless authorities touching on this is outstanding….

  4. Mary…

    Where do you get all of this content for updates?…

  5. Mary can you be a little more specific?

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