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Everything we know about the lead business from everyone at the Leads360 family. From online lead providers like LowerMyBills.com to Mortgage Lead Management best practices. We'll tell you what we know and what we've learned.  


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Earlier this week, Leads360 released a study to shed even more light on the best methods for working leads in the most efficient way possible.  Our previous studies have pointed to two primary drivers in increasing the ROI on your leads.  The first of these is speed to contact, with calling in the first five minutes proving to be essential to closing any lead.  The second was making six total follow up calls for each lead, the optimal number of call attempts to ensure that you have the best chance to make contact without overtaxing your sales staff.  This most recent study, now demonstrates that the timing of each follow up call is also important to converting your leads at the best possible rate.

By further analyzing over 20 million customer inquiries, we determined that not only was it important to get in all six call attempts, but also making each call attempt at the right time is also crucially important.  The first three attempts should all come on the first day, striking while the iron is hot and the lead is fresh.  The first call should take place within five minutes of receiving the lead as this makes it 22 times more likely that you’ll close that lead.  The second attempt should then follow at between 30 minutes to two hours later while the third attempt should come at two to four hours after receiving the lead.  The fourth attempt should fall on at some point on day three, the fifth attempt on day four, and the sixth attempt should be made on either day 11 or day 12.  Drawing from the data in the study, making your calls inside the prescribed windows can improve your conversion rates by anywhere from 94% to 500% for each call verses calls attempted outside of the prescribed times.

Check out this study and all of our previous research by going here and here.

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  1. Fascinating! I always struggle with how quickly/often to follow up with a prospect without looking desperate or being annoying. This makes a great guideline! Thank you.

  2. We’ve found this to be true so we try to call the prospect the minute we receive notification. It’s surprising how many people are surprised at our quick response! But the numbers show that it makes sense to respond quickly. Thanks for the post.

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