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Lead Management Best Practices for CRM? Use LMS!

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Here’s a post about lead management best practices in Salesforce.  It has some good suggestions for how to manage leads using the Salesforce CRM. But the problem with using a CRM to manage leads, of course, is that leads and customers are not the same thing and should be treated as different entities with different needs. Customer Relationship Management may offer some tools for managing leads, but the fact of the matter is that CRM is developed to accomplish the task of managing customer relationships, not establishing them. Devotees of CRM can think of lead management software as CRE, Customer Relationship Establishment. Lead management is built to achieve a few certain results better than any other solution; e.g., be the first to get a prospect on the phone and stay in regular contact with the prospect until it closes. If those simple truths sound obvious, like foregone conclusions, consider this new research on lead response in the mortgage industry which found that in general, lenders averaged more than six days to call a new loan inquiry and more than half of lenders failed to make more than a single attempt to call the leads they received.

The value of lead management software is that it distributes leads immediately to eligible sales reps by ringing their phone. When a prospect submits an online inquiry, that prospect will get a call from a rep in under a minute. That rep has the first opportunity to build a relationship with the lead, and is reaching the lead while the leads mind is focused on wanting to know more about the product or service the rep is offering.

The post linked at the top of this page talks about customizing statuses of leads in Salesforce to track leads through the sales cycle. Lead management software ships with a best practices workflow as well as lead prioritization to ensure that all leads are contacted quickly and followed up on in accordance with best practices and company policy.

Salesforce is great at helping companies manage customer relationships, but trying to convert leads with any CRM equals a decision to be slower and more inconsistent than any competitor who is using LMS.

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