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How Much Can One Button Do?

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What’s the point of having sophisticated technology if it’s too difficult for your people to use? The age of the iPhone is upon us and people are used to the iPhone experience. It is an experience where you point at what you like to select it. You make it bigger by moving your fingers apart. You dismiss it with a swipe. It’s easy. And this way of interacting with computers is everywhere. People have this intuitive experience with their phones dozens or hundreds of times a day.

Then they get to work and log into their computers at work and, well, business software isn’t quite on the level of usability Angry Birds. Managing your sales funnel just isn’t quite as easy.

But it’s not really realistic to compare the experience of a smart phone to the experience of a desktop computer where a person is expected to do real work, and achieve real results. Closing all the sales in your pipeline is a task that is suitably complex that a smart phone cannot achieve it alone. A smart phone can help, but it’s a supporting player.

So when a smart phone can’t handle all of your business needs, we don’t hold it against it. It’s just a phone, after all. The computer, however, doesn’t get a free pass when compared to a smart phone from a usability standpoint. Why can’t computers and business applications be as easy as smart phones? Why can’t they be intuitive like a smart phone?

The reason for that is that computers have bigger more complex jobs to do. Smart phone to Computer is, strange as it may seem, not an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. So that’s the short answer to the question of why the computer and business applications can’t be as easy as the smart phone and it’s battery of apps.

But that’s not the whole story. The smart phone has set a high water mark for usability that business applications are striving to match. One such example exists in lead management software. Lead management software is highly configurable to allow sales managers and small business owners to create rules that govern the distribution of leads.  This creates a pipeline of leads for the sales rep that they are best suited to work with and most likely to close. Really useful, but by itself, not super usable.

But when a sales rep is ready for a new lead, that has been handpicked for him, what steps does he have to take to get it? If there is navigation, multiple pages, decisions, etc, involved in getting a lead, each obstacle will see more sales reps distracted or obstructed. When a sales rep wants a lead, she should be able to click a single button to be connected to the best available lead, as determined by lead prioritization and distribution rules. With a feature called Demand Connect offered by Leads360, leveraging all the business intelligence that goes into making the quickest and most strategic matchups between lead and rep is as easy as clicking a button.

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