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Everything we know about the lead business from everyone at the Leads360 family. From online lead providers like LowerMyBills.com to Mortgage Lead Management best practices. We'll tell you what we know and what we've learned.  

Getting from Here to There

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What milestones do leads hit between brand new and closed? Having them mapped out is an important aspect of reproducing your success. A lead passes through several dispositions after it enters your funnel. What are they? Probably a lead goes from “New” to “Contacted”; from “Contacted” to “Qualified”; etc… How are you ensuring that leads follow your established best practices? Or can sales reps work leads as they see fit?

If your sales reps are free to work leads according to their own standards, by what means are you able find out if leads are being ignored.

If you are using lead management, you can define these stages of the sales cycle to ensure that none of them are missed. All of your leads are being worked according to your best practices. It is not only possible to make sure that leads pass through all of the required milestones but to see performance metrics that show at what percentages, and at what speed leads are reaching milestones.

Creating an enforceable, repeatable approach to working leads is the best way to make sure that you are getting the most ROI on your marketing spend.

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