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Five Reasons Why Leads360 Saas Has a Lower Total Cost of Ownership than Packaged Software

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Price is a critical factor in any business expense and sometimes the deciding factor. One case where some distortion occurs in assessing the price difference between two options is when it comes to choosing between packaged software and Software as a Service(SaaS). But it’s not uncommon for business to take a shorter view and look at the initial investment required for a software solution and not at the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The tendency to focus on initial investment rather than TCO is encouraged by providers of packaged software solutions because analysis from that point of view seems to favor them. In reality total cost of ownership is lower for Leads360 SaaS.  What follows is a breakdown of what the ‘service’ in SaaS is, and how it makes SaaS a cheaper solution.

When you use Leads360 Lead Management Software as a Service instead of a packaged solution virtually all expenses you might expect to pay are included in your subscription cost. This is not the case with a packaged solution. Here are some examples.

  1. 1. Servers and Server Rooms: These are not necessary expenses for Leads360 SaaS.
  2. 2. Supporting Software: Leads360 is an end-to-end lead management solution that enables users to manage leads through the entire sales cycle. Using a packaged solution that has less a smaller feature set forces business to buy supporting software. Licenses, training, and server space are all costs associated with this.
  3. 3. Analytics: Businesses are increasingly valuing and making use of the data they generate.  Being able to make use of data for analytics can require a complex solution for packaged software, particularly if the data set is complex. This is included in Leads360 SaaS.
  4. 4. Minor Version Update: These require time and effort on the part of IT staff or consultants. This is included in Leads360 SaaS.
  5. 5. Major Version Update: These occur roughly every two to seven years in packaged software. They often require additional investment, training and implementation costs. Since Leads360 SaaS is updated roughly every two months, major changes that cause users to have to re-learn the software do not occur.

Using Leads360 Software as a Service is a smoother experience than using packaged software. Updates happen regularly instead of being sprung on users in the form of version updates. Maintenance and support contracts which are sold separately as part of packaged business software are included in Leads360 SaaS. This makes for a user experience that is seamless in terms of gradual product enhancement and uninterrupted usability.

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