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Competition is a Constant

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When engineering any kind of system, like an engine for instance, it’s necessary to take into consideration the nature of how things work. It’s necessary to leverage the forces that are always going to be in play, like gravity, the behavior of vacuums, the explosive nature of combustion, etc. For an engine to work, it’s designer must work with these forces, not against them. It’s also necessary to leverage the natural properties of the materials you are working with. Are the materials liquid or solid? If they are solid are they rigid or flexible? How will they behave in different temperatures, and under different degrees of stress?

Some of these factors can be tweaked to behave a little differently, others are immutable constants. When designing an engine, or any kind of system, the way to maximize performance and efficiency is by setting up the systems in such a way that allows these constant forces to express themselves fully.  They should be unhindered, to yield maximum benefit to the overall system.

If the engine you are building is a sales organization, one of the immutable constants in your system is competition; from both outside and in. Focusing on internal completion, sales teams have always leveraged the competitive nature of the team members. Writing sales numbers on a whiteboard and sponsoring sales contests are two common ways of harnessing the power competition. Competition is a constant in your equation. And it contributes a lot of power to your team performance. It can also be thought of as one of the most abundant sources of fuel in your sales engine. People want to get paid, and they want to be able to take pride in what they do, but almost above all that, they want to beat the guy sitting next to them.

Sales managers are increasingly turning to technological solutions to help gain an advantage against the outside competition. And as they do, they are in some cases adopting tools that harness the competitive instincts of their sales teams. One such solution is an intelligent lead dialer. Dial-IQ, Leads360’s intelligent lead dialer has a feature called Shotgun Connect that rings the phones of all available sales reps when a new lead enters the system. Only the quickest will win the lead. Given that the lead posts to the system within seconds of the prospect making an online inquiry, there is no quicker way to get a member of your sales team on a call with prospect. Without Shotgun Connect, a sales rep may able to talk himself into contacting his brand new lead when he gets back from lunch. With Shotgun Connect the new lead only goes to the person who is most eager to make the connection.

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