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Americans are split on the ‘mortgage bailout’

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I don’t know if this surprises me or not. Like so many other hot topics in the news today, Americans are split pretty much down the middle. No pun intended. Read all about it here.

“Americans are nearly equally divided on whether those facing defaults on their mortgages should get special help, with most believing the borrowers are to blame for their own problems.”

Special treatment for those ‘caught’ in bad loans and facing foreclosure. A novel idea. To whose expense will this fall though? Personal opinion of the specific matter aside, moving forward there is a need for accountability on all levels. Can you place blame on the lenders, the brokers, the loan officers, the appraisers, the account executives, the processors, and…umm, don’t forget the borrowers? Sure you can. To what degree can you assign blame to each? It’s questionable and I am sure we would all come up with different looking pie charts. At the end of the day, accountability will keep us from cycling back through this again in the future, that is for sure. To whom do we need to be held accountable? Another one I don’t want to touch, but the fact remains that the lack of oversight and accountability is about to cost someone, somewhere, a whole lot of money.

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