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Archive for April, 2012

What do BIG Conference Attendee’s Really Do?

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

April 25, 2021 – Attending the Brokers Insurance Group’s Third Annual Convention and Trade Show next week in Riverside, CA? Get to know your meme:

Leads360 will be exhibiting – booth #315. If you ask us about our Meme, you might hear from some that we make robots that kill other robots (interesting story, ask us about it) but what we really do is build software that helps insurance brokers and agents get more value out of the leads they buy or self-generate. Our intelligent sales automation solution is used by some of the most successful agents in the industry, helping them be the first to call high-value leads.

If you weren’t planning on attending, but are now inspired – it’s not too late to register, visit www.mybigins.com.

State Farm Agent’s Drive to #1 in Auto Insurance Sales

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

By Alyssa Trenkamp

April 23 — For insurance marketers, even a small improvement to lead conversion rates will drive down operational costs, while significantly impacting sales. Hence our interest when we were offered a VIP tour of the inner workings of one of the top State Farm agents in California.  Northern California State Farm Agent and Business Owner, Mark Wong, graciously offered to take us behind the scenes to show us how he dialed up his sales velocity with Dial-IQ and Leads360 and increased purchased lead conversion rates from 10% to 20% in the first year.

Driving a Positive Consumer Experience One Call at a Time

When we first met Mark Wong, he was looking for a way to do a better job of differentiating his policies and services in an environment of growing competition from independent insurance agents pushing online quoting and comparison shopping. For Wong, superior customer service, including prompt response and follow-up to inquiries was absolutely critical. The challenge was managing the large volume of leads the company purchased and generated.

Wong identified early on that being the first to contact a new lead and being the one company to still be calling a few days later when others stopped following up was critical. “If you are the first to talk to a prospect, identify their insurance needs and develop a rapport, you have a huge advantage over competitors,” he said.

With Leads360 and Dial-IQ, Wong and his team were able to increase efficiency with their leads, making the right calls at the right time, ensuring they get to top prospects first. “We have purchased fewer leads and increased our conversion rates on leads purchased from 10% to 20% in the first year of using Leads360 and Dial-IQ,” said Wong.

Competing Effectively with an Intelligent Dialer

Using Dial-IQ Multi-line and Leads360 features like scripting, Wong and his team were able to double production without adding staff and see a dramatic 250% increase in calls per agent in only six weeks. For the complete story on how he did it, click here.

Clearly, Wong and his State Farm team have put together the right ingredients for success. And Wong’s drive for success hasn’t gone unnoticed. His agency has been recognized as the number one State Farm agent in Northern California for new auto insurance sales.

Good Decisions Are Good Business

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

April 17, 2021 - Good decisions are good business. But so are quick decisions.

When making business decisions, there is often a tug of war between acting fast and acting smart. To be effective one has to both be well informed and act decisively. We always want to make the best decision possible, and that means examining the facts.

But in practice, examining facts takes time. The longer it takes, the greater the risk that the time spent making decisions will introduce delays that result in rising opportunity costs.

This type of tension between analysis paralysis and hasty decision making is usually thought of in terms of larger, strategic decisions. But it is just as true for small decisions. Even simple decisions that don’t require a lot of brainpower or time can still add up to significant delays, not to mention result in costly errors. Take for instance the decision of whom to call next.

Determining whom to call next is a decision that may be made dozens of times a day. Making that decision slowly amounts to a lot of wasted time. Making it unwisely amounts to a lot of wasted opportunities.

Leads360 has always been focused on providing solutions that are fast. Getting in touch with prospects quickly is one of the most important aspects of nurturing successful relationships. But since speed is only half the story, a quick solution is only half the solution. The Leads360 distribution engine distributes leads intelligently so that the prospects are connected only with the sales rep who is most suited to help them.

Lead follow-up is prioritized in accordance with established best practices to make sure that contact attempts are made at intervals that are most likely to yield results.

Dial-IQ, Leads360s fully integrated lead dialer, leverages all the speed and intelligence of best-in-class lead management tools to make calling leads quicker and smarter. There is no more effective way to establish and maintain contact with prospects than Leads360 and Dial-IQ.

Intelligent sales velocity – the next frontier of consumer sales automation

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

By Nick Hedges

April 10, 2021 — I’m fortunate in my position at Leads360 to meet with a lot of smart sales executives — many of them Leads360 customers. I find these discussions invaluable for learning from executives experiencing the consumer sales revolution first hand.

What I hear and observe is consumer behavior is continuously evolving, influenced by the web, mobile and social. This evolution is creating a demand for flexibility and ongoing optimization of sales processes. In this Sales 2.0 world, it is no longer good enough to respond quickly. In order to compete for consumers, companies need to respond with a high level of intelligence.

Our approach – Intelligent sales velocity – for companies that compete for consumers

At Leads360 we are laser focused on optimizing high velocity consumer sales environments. By their nature, these are very data rich environments that lend themselves to continuous optimization. In such a fast moving environment, we deliver a flexible, cloud-based sales automation solution to help them keep up with consumer demand and expectation for a timely, high-quality experience.

As our customers continue to innovate and evolve their sales processes to meet demand, we are committed to supporting them with ongoing innovation of Leads360 and Dial-IQ. Today we are proud to announce a big leap forward in the innovation of our sales automation suite – introducing the markets first, full-featured intelligent dialer solution, fully integrated with a comprehensive sales lead management platform.

Our dialer solution, Dial-IQ, now boasts Dial-IQ Inbound and Dial-IQ Multi-line. Dial-IQ Inbound ensures sales makes the most of every call opportunity, routing calls to the right rep and ensuring every inbound call is tracked and followed-up on based on an optimal contact strategy. Dial-IQ Multi-line helps sales teams reach prospects faster, prioritizing the right lead to call at the right time, while also intelligently scaling the number of lines used based on sophisticated business logic.

The addition of Dial-IQ Inbound and Multi-Line ensures business logic is built into the entire sales process. We’ve left no stone unturned in solving the problem of how sales teams handle and track every sales opportunity and we encourage you to take a look – on us.  To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a free 30-day trial. You can find out more by clicking leads360.com/dialer. Click here for today’s press release.